Ace of Space 2 Winner – Who won the finale Official update 3rd November 2019

ace of space 2 finale

Ace of Space 2 had its fair share of drama and people were glued to the seats during each day to make sure their favourite contestant dont get eliminted. Even they have done their part by voting for their favourite contestant and today 3rd November 2019 official winner of Ace of Space 2 will be announced.
1-#SalmanZaidi -98.7%
2-#adnan -91.5% (wild card)
3-#baseerali – 90.9%
4-#shrutisingha -76.2%
5-#Rashmi – 63.0%
6-#krissan – 62.8%
7-#prakruti -47.1%

Winner of Ace of Space 2 is based on two factors – Number of votes and spaces. These contestants had the maximum votes in finale

  • Salman Zaidi
  • Baseer Ali
  • Adnaan
  • Shruti Sinha

These conteststans had the maximum spaces in finale

  • Salman Zaidi
  • Adnaan
  • Baseer Ali
  • Shruti Sinha

Hence Ace of Space 2 Winner is Salman Zaidi. The runner up of this show is Adnaan as with votes and space put together he overtook Baseer Ali. Number 3 is Baseer Ali and number 4 is Shruti Sinha.

Ace of Space 2 Winner

Salman Zaidi

Ace of Space 2 Runner


Ace of Space Number 3

Baseer Ali

Ace of Space 2 Number 4

Shruti Sinha
Check out this dance performance of Salman Zaidi during finale


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