Ace of Space 2 Winner Leaked from official sources – Salman Zaidi or Baseer Ali who won it, read below

ace of space 2 winner

Ace of Space 2 finale will be aired on Saturday and Sunday November 2 and November 3, 2019 and officially the winner, runner and number 3 spot will be announced on 3rd November 2019. We have got news from official sources about who won Ace of Space 2. Read further to know who won it and how he won it.

Ace of Space 2 Winner

  • Rashmi, Prakruti Sinha, Adnaan, Baseer Ali, Shruti and Salman Zaldi were remaining, then Rashmi and Prakruti got eliminated.
  • Salman chose Prakruti over Rashmi and it was a bad move from his side
  • Then Shruti Sinha got eliminated and Adnaan, Baseer Ali and Salman remained in top 3
  • After eviction Rashmi gave her maximum space points to Salman Zaldi
  • Winners are chose based on votes and space points in Ace of Space
  • Then the voting results were revealed and Salman has aced in that by winning maximum no. of votes. With votes and space point Salman Zaldi was declared as the winner of Ace of Space season 2
  • Salman Zaldi is the winner of Ace of Space 2
  • Adnaan is the runner based of points and people vote
  • Baseer Ali is no. 3 and it was a disappointment to all Ali fans though he had votes he didn’t have points



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