Aari’s fans are applauding Shivani’s mom’s action inside Bigg Boss house

Shivani Mom Aari

The Bigg Boss season 4 is in full swing with many twists and turns. In this situation, today is the 86th day, and the contestants have completed around three months inside Bigg Bos house. In this case, it is customary for fans to wait for each season’s last freeze task where family members of each contestant enter inside the Bigg Boss house. Shivani’s mother was the first to enter the Bigg Boss house.

It was clear from the words she spoke that she was furious with Shivani. She could also see the deception of sending her daughter to the Bigg Boss show with high expectations. At this point, Shivani’s mother looked at Aari and greeted him, and said, “You are playing very well, and please continue to improve your game to reach further heights.”

Shivani’s mom even clarified to Shivani that whatever Aari says was for her own good, and she has mistaken his words in the wrong way. On hearing this, Aari’s fans were elated, and they were supporting Shivani’s mom on social media. They even tweeted that even Shivani’s mom is Aari’s fan and whatever she is saying is 100% true.



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