Aari is the title winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 according to music director James Vasanthan

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Aari Title Winner

Tamil film music composer James Vasanthan has posted a comment on his social networking site. Many viewers have predicted that Aari, Balaji, and Rio will have a better chance of winning the Bigg Boss title. In it, he says that Aari is the title winner. He added: “Aari is the title winner, in my opinion. But, I wonder how he manages to find everyone’s enmity and deal with it better!

I certainly would not want to be in the middle of a house where everyone hates you, accuses you, and plots against you. I can’t even imagine being like that. But it’s astounding if Aari has been dealing with all of this for 75 days.

And Ari is still discussing each one’s qualifications. Then those around him attack him critically.

In a locked home from the outside world, emotions are turbulent home isolated from the ordinary world. Egos abound. The struggle for self-esteem also happens from time to time. Yet when you look at Aari’s thoughts, plans, strategies, he looks like an Iron Man. To some, it may seem like an easy one, but I am amazed to see him.” Thus says composer James Vasanthan.


  1. Lately every week everyone seems to nominate Aari for lame reason. Its clear that the reason ar almost the same and took place long time ago.it look like u stretch my back and I stretch ur back.this is what happens as Bala has formed his gang and Rio his group.Bala do alot of manipulation to convince the ladies for his personal benefit.
    Will kamal Sir correct this atitude among the contestants.Once a contestant has highlight Aari weakest/ mistake and suggest his name for eviction,the other contestant must not give the same reason to evict Aari.If anyone fail to follow then its for Kamal Sir to tick him off.Is only Aari at fault always.How abt Ramya the cunning fox who whisper others mistake and to make them nominate Aari and Ramya follows.Just see Rio never nominate Som,Ramya ,Bala,Shivani.all contestant target is Aari cos they think Aari is the one who plan and evicted Archana their god mother,Just see their reason to judge.In fact its Ramya / Anithe the master planner of Archana eviction.
    Aari might have made some mistake but as worse as Bala the manipulater,Rio the pretender / Ramya the cunning foc.Hope Kamal Sir highlight Ramya and Anitha kurumpadam discuss abt who go first in
    Chicken vs wolf task. Then u can see the Culprit.Hope Kamal Sir is aware of the 2 teams plan to evict honest players.


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