Aari Fans Wish That Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Ticket to Finale Winner Should Not Be Balaji Because of These 15 Reasons!

bigg boss tamil 4 ticket to finale winner

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is all set for an epic showdown as the ‘ticket to finale’ week will keep the contestants on their toes. With the last nominations for eviction taking place this week, ‘Ticket to finale’ is a must-have privilege for the contestants. The 14th week of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 will be the fieriest, gripping, and drama-filled week on the show so far.

Balaji and Aari are locking horns in the house while their fans are spewing hatred across social media platforms. However, the ultimate answer to the battle of the ‘fittest’ will be witnessed in the ‘Ticket to finale’ tasks. Balaji’s physical prowess will put pressure on Aari and the rest of the contestants.

Meanwhile, the fans of Aari listed out fifteen reasons why Balaji does not deserve to be the winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 ‘Ticket to Finale’ winner. These reactions were a reply to Balaji’s fans getting excited about Balaji’s potential victory in a ‘Ticket to finale’ task.

Here are the fifteen reasons why Aari fans don’t want Balaji to win the ticket to finale and enter the finals of Bigg Boss Tamil 4:

  • Never followed rules when it mattered (Luxury budget tasks, freeze task and several other incidents like throwing mike)
  • Assaulted female contestant and created mental trauma for Sanam (compromise issue which was not aired on television)
  • Discovered friday night is very good time for acting auditions
  • Condemned groupism in the ‘Anbu gang’ while he formed a gang with Samyuktha, Aajeedh and Shivani.
  • Needs a babysitter (several instances where Shivani fetched his coffee, fed him and woke him up)
  • Used words like ‘munthirikota’, ‘tharuthala’, and ‘baeku’ on national television.
  • Spoiled the fun in several luxury budget tasks
  • Backbit several housemates
  • When unable to argue, hit self with a slipper.
  • Used Shivani and Aajeedh as mediums to vent out his frustration or grab camera attention.
  • Overshadowed other players intentionally (Aajeedh and Shivani)
  • Upset Kamal Hassan several times during the show.
  • Never became a captain with self effort.
  • Exhibited dishonesty several times and was a sore loser in several tasks.
  • Escaped nominations several times due to the number game which he condemned.

The question is about who will win the ‘ticket to finale’ of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 and become the first finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.


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