Aari fans to target Rio this week, Will Rio get voted out from Bigg Boss Tamil 4?

Bigg Boss 4 tamil Rio eviction

Aari, who had been quiet for the first three weeks of the Bigg Boss show, had been challenging ‘I was going to reveal everything that happened inside the house’ from the fourth week onwards. It is noteworthy that Aari’s fan base or army, which began on that day, continues to this day in the Bigg Boss house and that those who opposed Aari and fought with him were evicted one by one as his fans’ votes against them.

It is noteworthy that Aari fans took Ramya to the fourth position in the eviction last week and showed her vulnerability. Aari, who had similarly evoked fear in Bala, now seems to have caused fear in Rio.

When Rio said about Aari in today’s 2nd promo video, ‘Aari has evoked fear in everyone as he keeps pointing out mistakes in others and warning them how it appeals to the viewers who are watching it. Bigg Boss is a game that has to be played as a team, but the single-handedly keeps nitpicking others’ mistakes. I have spoken about it to him, but he seems not to listen to anything I say. But he creates a kind of hatred.’

Also, Rio said that he is angry about some of the words that Aari spoke. Netizens have been claiming that Aari has shown fear to Rio, and it will be interesting to see if Rio survives eviction as Aari fans will be targeting him and will be voting against him.



  1. Yes both deserve eviction.Ramya seems she smart stratch Balaji back and Balaji stratch Ramya back. Their target Aari to be evicted.
    Even when Ramya mum advice her,but still back to old ways.Ann teerataable character.
    For Balaji,Just think whatever he says and do cant remember all the way, but whatever Aari do or say before n present can remember,What type of man balaji is.
    Finding fault of others @ Aari his mind works well but for his mistake lost track.
    Who s he kindy,Balaji dont think the audience ar fools listening to ur foolish story. Even ur grandfather story of how ur brought up,who wants to believe. If given a knife ,will u stab ur family or others and say u dont remember what happen We know what ar u up to.Even u condemn the winners of BB 1,2,3.Embarass ur family.
    Dai pyscho,nee ore muutal,No guts to challenge Aari so u try to bully him,U think Aari is scared. Pooda Dubaakur Balaji.
    Kamal sir ask u what will u do if u see Aari outside,No bols to answer just say nothing.U need Someone to take their slipper and slap on ur face in public.
    Even when ask to talk abt strategy,u talk abt what Aari did all the way.Dai paadi cha muutal.nee ore kuudikaran.
    Even after Kamal Sir advice u ,u will never change.Better come out Balaji before u get saanii on ur face.


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