Aari Arjunan’s wife particpating in Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Grand Finale celebration

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Grand Finale celebrations

As the Grand finale of the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil show air at 6 pm tonight, it looks like today’s six-hour finale will take place with a lot of celebration, and the title winner will be announced at the end of the festivities.

Vijay TV shared a preview of the finale show on their Youtube channel. It is worth noting that this promo includes all the contestants who participated in the Big Boss season 4.

In addition to Bigg Boss contestants, family members of all the five finale contestants were present in the celebration, and Aari’s wife was shown sharing a happy face cheering her husband. The five contestants who qualified in this finale look gorgeous in luxury attire.
Bigg Boss 4 Grand Finale Evicted contestants

Bigg Boss 4 Grand Finale Aari wife

There is also a dance performance from the evicted contestants to entertain the audience. Aajeedh, Samyuktha, and Archana, in particular, are expected to do their performance on stage.

All in all, today’s six-hour show is expected to be a treat for the audience.


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