Aari Arjunan or Balaji Murugadoss: Whose deserves to be in jail inside Bigg Boss house?

Balaji Aari who deserves jail

The Aari Army and the Balaji Army are starting to clash again on social media due to the fight between them inside Bigg Boss house. Aari, who played the freeze task correctly last week, was sent back to jail by fellow housemates stating that he was least involved with the tasks. Aari and Balaji got into a fight to the extent that all other contestants had to involve to stop them from fighting further.

Inside the jail, Balaji screamed while Aari remained calm, confronting the issue, and finally, Balaji breaks the microphone due to anger. Fans have been demanding that Balaji be given a red card for his actions. At the same time, Aajeedh, Rio, and Som were selected as the best contenders and competed for the captaincy.

Rio was selected as the captain in the task given by Big Boss. Viewers who saw this are questioning whether Aari is the worst performer even though he played all the tasks according to rules. Balaji and Aari fans are also conducting polls on social media to find out who deserves to be in jail. Aari’s fans are winning it as many feel that Aari doesn’t deserve to be in jail.



  1. Balaji should not only be jailed but must be evicted immediately.After his brother advised Balaji,he s going overboard with his artics.Look how he behave,let it be whoever at fault,millions ar watching that include Children n senior citizens.Do think is this the way Balaji is brought up.He can do it at home but BB 4 is being telecast.
    What do the other housemates think.If Balaji can do it and let free,why not me
    Is BB a place to fight and break their property @ mike. There ar ways toshow ur anger but not as roadside hooligan
    I condemn such behaviour.BB / Kamal Sir need to be firm and no two way abt it.A serious and dramatic action taken to avoid such incident in future BB.

  2. Aari use master mine make Bala engry and some more he make people stupid . How dare he can use somberi to next person. Kamal should ask aari and advise him. He play smart . Same like he talk about Anita husband. He should give red card.


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