7 Little Words Daily Puzzles Answers June 24 2019

7 little words daily solutions

7 Little Words is an engaging word puzzle game which involves word guessing in a tricky way. Each word to be guessed comes with a clue which describes it and the solutions column mentions the number of letters the word to be guessed is of.  The words can be everyday words or words which deal with peoples, places, brands or pop culture references.

The game is addictive and a very nice way to tease your vocabulary in an entertaining way. The News Crunch will be bring you daily puzzle answers for 7 Little Words from today. Stay tuned and watch out for the 7 Little Words Answers for today.

7 Little Words Daily Puzzles Solutions for June 24 2019

  1. range surface – COOKTOP
  2. fearless quality – BOLDNESS
  3. competent – CAPABLE
  4. Florida football team – BUCCANEERS
  5. stopping suddenly – HALTING
  6. weak espresso for US folks – AMERICANO
  7. major fires – INFERNOS


  1. For some reason the daily puzzle solutions don’t match the puzzles that are printed in the daily newspaper. What is up with that?


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