6 fire fighters ready to get into the borewell to save Surjith, Sujith rescue operations live updates #savesujith

save sujith

Surjith rescue operations is getting intense as the new borewell using ONGC equipment is dug in full swing and six firefighters with commando training are selected to get into the borewell. These firefighters will be digging a side passage to rescue Sujith from the narrow borewell where his stuck at around 100 ft.

Prayers to rescue Surjith is happening throughout in India at Churches, Mosques and Temples. Social media is filled with #savesujith, #Surjith to share their prayers and news updates on the rescue operations. Out of these six fire fighters one of them will go down to dig the side passage. If he gets tired in the operation he will be let out and the other person will be sent inside the tunnel. This is a tricky operation as at one point only one of them can get into the borewell with oxygen tank.

The firefighters are now trained and equipped with oxygen tank. Their equipments are checked and they’re doing a trial to make sure there wont be any hindrance once they start getting into the tunnel. We will keep posted as and when they start getting into the tunnel. Stay tuned!!



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